We would like to thank our customers for putting your trust in us and doing business with Ironmanpits.com

Thank you

Travis and Diane Cross

From: Carlo and Ana

Yeap, our little Cole turned 1 year in Sept, he is just great, is the sweetest and most lovable puppy in the world and  he still doest know how big and strong he is, him and his older brother Sparky make our lives so much better... thanks for our baby...



Cole @ 1 year

Out of

Ironmanpits Princess


Ironmanpits Dillenger

From: Jenna

Jezzi is just beautiful she is actually bigger now than she is in these pictures she grows everyday!! She has a great temperament no aggression of any kind! Thank you so much for selling me such a great dog!!  


                                         7 weeks                                                                 1 year


Out of

Ironmanpits Princess


Ironmanpits Dillenger

From: Theresa and family

Hi guys,

Wanted to send some recent pics of Sly.  He is a great dog.  We just finished our obedience class and he was the only dog there that could do a down/stay for 5 mins with the trainer trying to distract him.  He has incredible focus and she recommended him for advanced classes and possible therapy dog.  I have never done that but who knows...I think Sly could be a great ambassador for his breed.  Anyways..Just wanted to let you know he is a great dog and is a cherished member of our family.  Good job on breeding for intelligence and temperament along with good looks. 




Sly @ 5/6 months

Out of

Ironmanpits Princess


Xtreme's Comet


Just got my xl choker in the mail yesterday, and it’s great. When ordering things online, you can never be 100% sure of what you’re getting. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised.  That is one diesel collar! Thanks a lot , keep up the great work.


Justin Jorgenson


From GG McCorkle.

Its going great..My family & i love them and have made them part of our family..I am not only happy my mind is blown..They are very athletic and very smart..They love to play on the springpole that I got from you guys. I want to thank you again and i'll send you pictures in the future. I look foward to doing business in the future.  

GG McCorkle 


        Debo   @7 1/2 months                       Debo & Kayos                        Kayos  @7 1/2months  

                           out of                                                                                                               out of

        Dillenger and Gwen                                                                                Dillenger and Gracie

hey Travis thank you  for sending me that 24 inch chain it looks good on him hears a pic of him  with it thanks for the rope to he needed it too hope to do business soon with getting pup from you thanks  again -- James  Wirth  happy customer   

From The Trans  Family: 

Hi Travis and Diane,   Just wanted to let you know, Julio is doing great.  Still working on the potty training. He's getting along great with my 7yr old female pit and the neighborhood kids love him.  I forgot how much they love to bite and nibble on everything.


Hey Guys,   Hope all is well. Here's a new pic of Julio at 7 months.  He's a solid 85lbs. Not sure when he'll stop growing or how big he'll be. He's the most popluar dog in our neighborhood.  Our vet loves him, too. Great with kids and other dogs.  He's just so freaking strong.  We have to be careful when he's in play-mode (he knocks everyone over).   Happy holidays...   Sincerely,   the Trans   

Julio @ 7 months            @11 months

Out of

Comet and Ironman's Princess

Dear Travis and Diane:

Here are some pictures of our awesome girl at 5 months now weighting 56 lbs!! She looks like she might be a big girl.
We love her, Thank You Guys. You produced some of the best dogs I have seen yet.

Thank You again for the opportunity of owning our babygirl from Gwen and Dillinger. We just love them!!

Eddie & Christina Negron
Imperial Beach Ca.

               Lathena                                                                                                                  Lathena @ 5 months   

                Out of          

        Dillenger and Gwen 


Dear Travis and Diane, My name is Amanda Copsey and I live in Monterey, Ca.  My brother bought a blue pit for you almost a year ago, from a litter of Dillenger and Gracie.  My brother was unable to take care of Royce due to his living situation so my husband and I decided to adopt Royce.  He now lives with us and our 2 labs, mini pin and our cat!  Yes we have a full house!  I just wanted to thank you for making me a believer of pits.  I was a girl who had always believed the awfull lies that the media says about pits.  I have come to love Royce more than even our labs.  He is the most cuddly, well behaved animal I have ever owned.  He is very loyal and loves to be apart of the family.  I have a 5lb minpin and they sleep together daily and I never feel threatened by his strength or size.  Thank you for producing such quality pits. I tell all my friends about your site and look at it weekly! I love how you keep up on your dogs lives with their new families! Royce's Birthday is today and he is one!  Wanted to share a few picture with you and thank you guys for giving me a huge understanding and great amount of love for the pit bull breed! We love Royce so much and think he is a beautifull, amazing dog!

Sincerly, Amanda and James Copsey




                                                                                  out of

                                                                        Dillenger and Gracie

Diane and Travis

  Her name is Thursday and she is very sweet.  She spent the first three months going to work with me every day.  She loves everyone she meets and everyone at the office complex asks about her (The FedEx lady stops by even if she doesn’t have a delivery). The first five pictures are from my office.  The playpen didn’t last long before she outgrew it.    The last two pictures I took just now.  She is up to 58 lbs.

Tomorrow is her 6 month birthday



                                                                                  out of

                                                                        Cyrus and Gracie

From :Dave Kovacs

Here's some pics of our kid.  My wife and I love her to death, she's so awesome!  Thanks



                                                                                  out of

                                                                        Dillenger and Gracie

We have Miyah here from Cyrus and (Nani) Blue Rockennels. In Oceanside, California. We are so proud to have her. Shes very loving and very affectionate. Miyah is now 10 months old and 75 lbs. She loves our other dogs and loves to lay with my wife. Here goes to show what Cyrus can produce.

  Andrew & Aneshea Yee

Out of Ironman's Cyrus



From : The Hinojosa's 

Barbara and Vince of  www.hinojosapits.com

Hello we are writing to say how greatful we are that you (Ironman Pits) allowed us to buy a puppy from you.  Secret is so amazing.  We couldnt ask for more in a dog. She is smart, beautiful, and has such a great tempermant. After countless hours of research we decided to choose Ironman to buy from and we are so lucky that we did.  All of their dogs are beautiful and well mannered.  Secret is a great addition to our family and we are blessed to have her.  Thank you again Ironman Pits !!!!    The Hinojosa's



Out of Ironman's Cyrus


Ironman's Gracie

Once again Ironmans stands out from the rest !!!!  I had bought from ironman before and new they were outstanding amazing people.  so when i seen the comet gidget breeding i just had to contact them.  they took the time to answer all my questions and really helped me pick the right pup for me.  they honestly care about their dogs where there pups are placed and making sure me there customer chose the right pup for them.  i am so happy with apoc and so happy i chose to go with ironman once again.  i have yet to be disappointed.  travis and diane are great people and the kindness doesnt end with the purchase of your pup. they have been there every step of the way for me on any questions or concerns i have had.  thanks ironman you truely are a one of a kind amazing kennel and
people !!!! 



Out of Ironman's Gidget


Extreme Comet

Once again i have to applaud Ironmans !!!  Third pup ive gotten from them and she is amazing.  What more can i say that i havent said already?  Amazing dogs. i have met them all and they are all so sweet and friendly.  and Travis and Diane are just great.  I
really feel as though  they are my friends not just someone i bought a dog from.  I think thats what makes them so different from everyone else they seem to care about there customers and making sure they get the right pup have all the info they can and if any other concerns or questions arise travis and diane are always there to answer them.  Keela is so amazing as well.  this girl has chest for days and drive like no other i have ever seen.  and this little girls heart is what really gets me.  she is so sweet and loving and i swear she doesnt seem to realize she is a dog haha.  Ironman thank you for this wonderful addition to our family !!!  She is amazing and we honestly cant
imagine life without her.  Once again you have out did yourselves. 

Thank you
Barbara and Vince



Out of Ironman's Princess


Ironman's Cyrus

From Todd & Laura

When I found Ironman Pits it was through Finest Kennels. I was searching for blue pits in California and had never heard of their kennel. I found Finest Kennels and they were advertising Dillenger at the time. When I saw Dillenger, I thought I have to find out more about this dog! He was owned by Ironman Pits and I knew I would have to get one of his pups for my kennel. I was starting my own kennel (LandsharkPits) and was on the hunt for some good foundation dogs. Dillenger and Gwen were to be bred and by the time I found out THe first two pick males had been reserved. I was able to have the 3rd pick reserved for me but wasn't satisfied with that so I reserved first pick Cyrus/Gracie male as well. Ironmans were very perfessional and timely with providing the info on the progress of the breedings and puppies. I was so excited about my new puppies that I checked on them on Ironmans website every couple days. I really thought I was missing out by not getting first pick out of Gwens litter. When the pups were just over a month old I got a call from Diane explaining that first pick had withdrawed and did I want to step up. A dream come true! I was to be in the area soon so I went to see their kennel. When I went to their kennel I had my two kids with me also. Travis and Diane were so great and the best thing was they did not rush us, they answered every question we had and let us play with Dillenger and Cyrus. What nice kennels they had! It was nice to see their kennel set up and we got to see the puppies from both litters and actually Princess had a Dillenger litter to at the same time...puppies everywhere!!!!! It wasn't a problem that my crazy kids were there and Travis and Diane were just really cool people to work with. When I was there I fell in love with one of princess's pups also. A few weeks later it was time to pick up our pups, so I went back to Riverside. When I made my Gwen pick I chose the biggest male who is Jaws the Landshark in my kennel. Gracie only had one male pup and he was a chubby tubby so we took him as well = Hammerhead Landshark in my kennel. Still liking that Princess male. My pups were so big and healthy! I couldn't have been more satisfied. I got my pups home and loved them and they began to grow! A few weeks later i noticed that they still had the Princess male who out of all pups from all three litters was the most loving and had the most dogality. It was as if he had said "Take me home with you". I had to have him, I made arangements and he is now Mako in my kennel. I bought three dogs from Ironman Pits and if that doesn't say something I am purchasing a female also soon a year later! I have talked to a lot of other kennel owners and alot of them are cocky and conceeded or they talk down other peoples dogs or they lie about their own. I called a guy about purchasing a $6,000.00 pup one time and he didn't even have enough time to talk to me. He wouldn't answer my questions and didn't say he'd call back or to call him back for a better time to talk so I didn't buy that pup. When you're a good breeder, you stand behind your dogs and you make time for customers and that is the case with ironmans (no b.s.!) and I would recomend doing your business with ironmans to anyone. A year later my dogs are huge and healthy and Travis and Diane still have time to talk or answer an occasional question. That is my experience as a happy customer. Thanks Travis and Diane from Laura Bright & Landsharks


        Mako                                                       Jaws                                               Hammerhead

Dillenger and Princess                  Dillenger and Gwen                         Cyrus and Gracie


Hey Trav its Pete from aust i recieved the spring pole and chooker chain

there sweet thanks for the good service cheers 


Hello Travis and Diane

My spring pole arrived today its an amazing piece of kit, 

my dog Duke absolutley loves his new toy he is so happy with it!

Thank you very much for the great service and great product! D.Diamond

Thanks Travis and Diane

Hey guy's,    Thank's for the fast service and awesome product's, the springpole and choker are great, can't wait to get the springpole up, I know my boy will love it, he's only just shy of 7 month's and already weigh's 74lbs. Thank's again and I know I'll be doing business with you guy's again!! Have a great weekend!      

Regard's    James Davis


From: Greg and Bobbie Jean Gates

This is an under statement, I can not express how happy we are with the three foundation bully’s we have from Ironman Pits. Not are only are they producing what I think are some of the finest dogs you can find. They are professional, friendly, and informative. We can’t thank Diane and Travis enough for our wonderful dogs. I see Cyrus and Gracie are at it again, this is a great breeding, our boy Wyatt is a monster and will show Cyrus can out produce himself. Thanks for everything.  

Sincerely Greg and Bobbie Jean Gates TombstonePits


    Katy                                                Josey                                                 Wyatt

Out of                                              Out of                                                  Out of

                 Dillenger and Princess                    Cyrus and Gracie            Cyrus and Gracie                                      

 From Miguel Cruz:

hey Travis and Diane just keeping you posted on Tyson hes doing great growing fast hes 30 lbs already every time i walk him i always get compliments and i make sure to let people know where i got him from iron man pits out in Cali the best of the best is at iron man pits i tell everyone .hes great with friends and family ,kids. just all around great pit bull hes being a great ambassador for the breed  i sent a few pics of us with Tyson  thank you again hes a big part of the family  



Out of

Ironman's Princess


Ironman's Cyrus


Hello Travis & Diane  

Zeus is now 20 months old & he weighs 118pd. He also came in 2nd place @ the first Bullfest in N.Y. in Forest Park in Queens,N.Y. We are so proud of our boy. He has also sired his 1st litter 2m 2f.