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Travis and Diane Cross


Hello Diane,  

Was nice speaking to you yesterday. I "adopted" Diesel from Fred & Romy Patschke and he now lives in New York!   I can't say enough good things about Diesel & Ironman Pits ! Diesel is a Wonderful, 96 lb. Lover! Between the Patschke's loving home and the incredible genetic lines of Dillenger and Princess, A Pit could not turn out Better!!! His temperament is Awesome! His size and stature is WOW! Paws the size of a fist, a chest like a body builder! Intelligence? One sharp dude! Not dog aggressive ... he immediately got along with my very possessive red nose girl Remmy, and she with him! His transition from a mostly outdoor dog to now a totally indoor family member at age 3 is unbelievable! All good, no chewing, sleeping at the foot of my bed, gently taking food from my hand ..... And that's after only 2 days!   You and Travis @ Ironman Pits produce the Finest quality Pits ! Your dogs are a "Complete Package" of size and temperament!  Love your website too, as that's how I ultimately found Diesel!   I have attached some pictures. You may use any part of this E mail as "testimony" on your web site ! My pleasure to have one of your Pits!   Have a Great Day!




Out of Dillenger and Princess

From Cynthia

We had been searching for a breeder that breed APBT's with great temperments and strong sound genetics. After coming across Ironmanpits and talking with Diane and Travis we knew we had found the place were we would get our new edition to our family. We got first pick male from Dillenger and Sarah. During the process of Dillenger and Sarah being breed and the birth of the litter, Diane was wonderful! Diane always sent me updates and answered my many questions leaving my mind at ease that I had picked the right breeder. Once the litter was born, there were weekly updates with pictures and video.      We have had our puppy who we named "Daddy" for almost 2 months now and I have to say he is the most well mannered, loving, smart, and beautiful puppy we have ever had. Everyone who meets him compliments his calm personality,  large build, and fantastic looks. I would recommend Ironmanpits to any one who is looking for top notch temperments and outstanding genetics that can not be matched.      I want to thank Diane and Travis of Ironmanpits for letting us be a proud owner of an Ironmanpit.





                  Dillon was a Dillenger and Princess Male that, after two years of reviewing your website, we decided we were ready to purchase.  From the time of our initial contact, you were EXTREMELY timely and PATIENT in your responses.  And always, subconsciously, made us reassured that we were making the right decision in purchasing from your kennel. 

From the day that I picked Dillon up, I knew that we had made the right decision.  I was allowed to visit your home, see your facilities (which by the way are incredible) and spend time with all of Iron Man's Pit's.

Dillon has been a complete joy and great addition to our family.  At 15 weeks he was enrolled in an extensive training program, and from the beginning excelled amongst all of his peers.  We received constant feedback from the staff, that he was leaps and bounds amongst ANY puppy they had ever worked with.  I can truly say that he has been the SMARTEST dogs that I have ever known.

His temperament is fantastic, with all of the negative attention that APBT's have received as of late I can honestly say that there is not a "mean" bone is his body.  He, although gets very excited, is patient and kind with other Dogs/Cats/Kids and adults.  From and early age he always shared food, water and toys with our other dogs.  As my fiancé is only 90 pounds, he knows enough to be as gentle with her as he does with Kids. 

At 9 months he already weighs 90 pounds and is growing by the day, his structure is amazing and we have had 0 health problems with him.  I am beginning to think  that he may not stop growing or at least his appetite will not. 

All and all, he is without a doubt, the best dog that  I have ever known.  I currently own two other dogs (bull terrier & great dane) and although we love them all, Dillon is by far the smartest, strongest, sweetest and well behaved of them all.  I would recommend your kennel to anyone who is looking to own a true ambassador of the ABPT's.  I would have paid double for him, if I knew now what I didn’t know then.   Truly the only reason that I can say not to own an Iron Man Pit, is if you do not enjoy having to stop ALL the time and talk to people and answer the question of where he is from!!!!!!  I can honestly say that we limit how may times we take him to PetsMart because it takes us an hour to leave, with everyone from staff to customers wanting to stop us and pet him!


Ryan Lumbley




Out of Dillenger and Princess

From Rob and Raquel Bauer

WOW what amazing dogs that come from Ironman Pits Kennel. These 2 are the best of friends and they say it can't happen well "IT DID" and I think that it starts with the breeder. Zen (black) and Zuess (blue) are great together and could never be apart. They have different personalities, but mesh very well. They are 2 years 4 months now and are our four legged kids. They have the best of everything of course any child would love to be them. Zuess is a shared breeding with Ironman Pits and is a big boy he is weighing in at 98 pounds and is just a great boy and man does he love kids. He also thinks he is a lap dog (imagine that from this breed). Thanks again for this well rounded breed Travis and Diane.  


Out of Cyrus and Princess


Gidget and Comet


Hi there  

We wanted to give you an update on Bonnie and Clyde. They are both doing great and have grown so much. Clyde is 102lbs and has a 24in head and Bonnie is 80lbs and 21in head. They are very playful and so loving to us. They both still think they are lap dogs. Playing out in the yard is a daily activity for them and they both love sun bathing. Here are some recent pictures we have taken of them, hope you enjoy them.  

Talk to you soon Nick and Racheal





Dillenger and Sarah


Dillenger and Gwen