Ironmanpits Facilities

Here at Ironmanpits we take pride in our facilities.

Do you wonder why you do not see the kennel setup on the websites

of so-called professional breeders??I can answer that ...

they don't have anything suitable for a breeding program.

I have been to many different yards and I wouldn't leave my dog

at most of them... most are too unsanitary and too unsecure

for my dogs to live in.

We have new facilites in the works..

It's Still a work in progress, check back to see the finished facilites (pictures below)


Our kennels are a double wall design to prevent fence fighting when one

group may be in the yard exercising and a visiting dog may be kenneled ...

typically all our dogs are in the yard together from sun-up to sun-down.

Visiting females are exercised seperately for long portions of the day to reduce the stress

of being away from home!  Rest assured that if you leave your female with us for

breeding she will be treated like one of our own !


All of our kennels have a steel roof and are on concrete with a curb perimeter around

each pen ...this makes a big difference when cleaning,

as all water is directed into the sewer drains in the

floor of every kennel. Clean facilities are vital to keep dogs healthy

and to control flies and odor.


Pictured above is the hot and cold water plumbed to the kennels and the sewer drain

in one of the pens ... these drains are tied directly into our city sewer system.

With this setup we can very comfortably bathe each dog in their kennel with warm

water to reduce stress when its bath time.

New in progress


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