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We are building a testimonial page.  If you bought a puppy,products, used stud service, came and seen our kennel and dogs and would like to write your testimony.  Send us an e-mail with your note, name, where you are from and picture of your dog(If you have it),and we will put it on this page.  

Thanks Travis and Diane at Ironmanpits

We would like to thank our customers for putting your trust in us and doing business with Ironmanpits.com

Thank you

Travis and Diane Cross

From Michael and Gabby:  


Travis and Diane, Thank you so much for helping us start our kennel. We are somewhat perfectionists and we believe your kennel is the closest thing to perfect when it comes to producing and breeding blue nose pitbulls. Something positive will always come out of our mouth about Ironman Pits because our kennel would have never been the same without you guys or your dogs. Let's keep the pitbull breed intact and 100% bad ass.  

P.S Thanks your business partners and friends!

Male Females Blue Nose Blue Brindle Breeders-Kennels In Los Angeles                 'PR' Finest Kennels Maia - Greyline-Razors Edge (Produced here at Finest Kennels)              'PR' Finest Kennels Achilles

                   Perseus                                                     Maia                                                    Achillies

                 out of                                                       out of                                                       out of

Ironmanpits Dillenger                   Ironmanpits Dillenger                 Ironmanpits Dillenger

Ironmanpits Gwen                                  Finest Perseus                                    Finest Perseus

                                                                                  3 months                                              3 months

From Peter:

   I got a real nice springpole from Ironmanpits  My boy loves the spring and the large choke chain helps me out a great deal when we go for walks.  I believe this springpole is top notch    I'll post pics of him wearing his choke chain and working the springpole as soon as get a chance. Thanx once again for the stuff

From Chris:

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for the great service. I really like the choke collar it fits my dog perfect. Thank you 

From Corey:

     My blue pitbull is the best!  He is naturally well behaved with a calm demeanor.  Extremely athletic and developed as well as gentle and kind.  He took very little non professional training for him to sit heal and stay off leash.  Potty training was instant!  He learned twice as fast as my AmStaff who’s Father was the 2003 UKC Champion.  The facilities at Ironman Pits are top notch where he was raised prior to coming to our home. With all the horror stories you hear about poor quality breeders and inhuman facilities with Pitbulls it was great to see such professionalism and care put into their facilities and breeding program.  Additionally, our pup was raised around Travis and Diane’s children and their dogs at Ironman Pits which made a world of difference in the temperament and transition to our home.  If and when I get another Pitbull I will definitely go to IronMan Pits.  They truly provide athletic, large head and developed dogs that have absolutely no aggressive temperament issues; which was extremely important to us for owning this bread.  Thank you Travis and Diane for putting the love and attention into your breeding program, your top notch facilities, and for raising my boy like he was your own until he came into our lives.  You guys are the best!    



             Samson Aka" Sammi"                           Samson Aka" Sammi"                Samson Aka" Sammi"   

                              Out of

             Ironmnapits Dillenger

               Ironmanpits Gracie

                           4 months                                                      5 months                                            5 months

From Cory and Jackie from Primeyard kennels:

" We would like to Thank you for helping us out with getting our kennel started. Dillinger is definitely one of the best studs out there.  When we saw him we knew that he was the perfect match for Jada. We can't wait for the puppies to arrive. We are very satisfied with Max. He is awesome! Your dogs are definitely what we call "quality" and we will be getting another Puppy from you soon! Thanks again.


                                     Max                                                           Max                                                         Max

                                    Out of

                           Bluelines Jalisco

                        Ironmanpits Gracie

                          10 1/2 months                                         10 1/2 months                                  8 1/2 months

From Tyler Waidley
Owner of Junior
Produced by Dillen and Gracie of Ironman pits


Thank you so much for the gorgeous pit that I got from you guys.  I'm lucky to have found such a beautiful and healthy dog.  The temperament of all the dogs, and my own, that I have met at Ironman pits is amazing.  They are all great with people and also love to play with other dogs.  I knew I had to
have an Ironman pit the instant I saw how clean and structured the facility is.  On top of all that, Dillen is one of the best pits I have ever seen and the females are all right there with him.  Thanks again for dedicating your time into producing loving, well behaved pits, that can change the way
people perceive this amazing breed.

    Junior                                     Junior                                         Junior

                                  Out of

                   Ironmanpits Dillenger

                     Ironmanpits Gracie
                            2 1/2 months                                                                                   4 months




From Sai:

A big thanks to Travis and Ironmanpits crew.

    hey just wanted to stop by n give u a big hollar.....n thank you....i just
got ur spring pole n choke chain that i ordered......look great.....n i love
it.....the spring pole is awsome.....n my pits love it more than i
do.....LOL.....very good  product.....keep up the good work....n also .....u
got great n nice lookin bullies there in ur yard.......i just may order more
product from u....for friends....cuz they saw it n love it too......

thanx......keep it up....Sai

From Justin Robinson:

     I purchased a puppy from Travis Cross and the reason I had a great experience with the purchasing of my pit-bull from this gentleman was because he absolutely loves his dogs and the bully pit-bull breed.  I had purchased one of the first puppies produced at Ironmanpits out of Dillenger and Roxy; I honestly would not buy a pit-bull from anywhere else.  The questions I had were promptly addressed via e-mail and the telephone.  Travis Cross even took the extra time to invite me to his house and teach me how to tape my dog’s ears as this was the first time I ever had my dog’s ears cropped.  The pit-bulls bred at Ironman Pits are top of the line and the prices are fair compared to other outrageous prices other kennels charge for a lesser quality puppy.  Thank you Travis and Diane, not only do I get constant comments and compliments about Jada, but she is a great dog.

With my best regards,

Justin Robinson


                                Jada                                               Jada                                                   Jada

                              Out of

              Dillenger and Roxy

                         4-5 weeks                                                  2 years                                                         2 years

From Cesar:

Hey Travis here are some updated pictures of my big boy he has a 24 inch head at 11 months. I will keep you updated on this big guy.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to own one of these big boys.


                   Raider                                                       Raider                                                  Raider

                     11 months                                                                                                                                   11 months

                        Out of    

             Bluelines Jalisco

          Ironmanpits Gracie


From James Wirth:

Awesome Product..

Hey Travis thanks for telling me that there was a back order on spring pole but it was here in four days very good craftsmen ship on product thanks again James Wirth.


Playing on a Ironmanpits Springpole

From Shawn:

Travis, these are all my dogs the one with the whitest head is the beautiful pup I bought from you.  She has been a great dog with so much drive. thank you so much I'm always looking at your breedings.  keep up the good work.  Her name is Vyla and she is huge.  her head is massive and she is the most athletic of my dogs.  Thanks again I hope to deal with you more in the future.


                          Vyla                                                            Vyla                                                Vyla

                        Out of

         Ironmanpits Dillenger

            Ironmanpits Gwen

From Joe & Kris @ Reyespits

Travis & Diane,

When we first explored the possibility of opening our home to a new member of the family my wife was skeptical of our new family member being a pit bull. This was because I had told her about a bad experience I had growing up with one.  We discussed it many times and because I finally convinced her it was the owner and not the breed we decided to get one.  Then when we looked at getting another we decided this one would be different from the first.  I looked & looked & looked and my wife heard about all the litters I had found until her ears felt like busting when finally, salvation!  That's when I found Iron Man Pits, and the breeding between Jalisco & Gracie.  I had spoken to many breeders and seen many but not like this one.  My wife finally got tired of hearing about this litter and decided to get me one of those puppies as a birthday gift.  When he arrived he was more than what we had expected!


Even today not only is he a great member of our family but our kids and other dogs love him too. We have never had a problem with him loose with Rex or Dottie which is priority one next to our friends and family. He has made an excellent impact on our lives and others. Because of Iron Man Pits he is what he is today ‘cause it starts with the breeder. It’s all about for the love of the breed not the money. We look forward in doing business with you again in the very near future!

                                                       Out of                                          Monster

                                                         Bluelines Jalisco

                                                    Ironmanpits Gracie


     Hi there, we just brought Legacy to her new home.  And just so you know the pictures did her no justice. She is beautiful & most important our kids loved her!  she's great.  We are very proud to have her in our family!  Thanks again for giving us this great opportunity.  We'll keep in touch.  


                                 Legacy                                                Legacy                                                     Legacy


                                        @ 7 weeks                                                          @ 2 months                                                            @3 months


                                       out of 


           Ironmanpits Dillenger


             Ironmanpits Gracie


Thanks Again,
Joe & Kris From Reyespits

From Denise and John:

Hi Diane and Travis,   I just wanted to give you an update on (MONSTER), who is just the finest little dog I have seen.  He is so calm and that temperament is exceptional.  John takes him everywhere he goes and they make a wonderful pair. I have decided that I must get a female, I want to stick with you guys because I am so happy with the dog we bought.  This puppy's coat is like silk.  It just has a beautiful dark, deep chocolate/Black Sheen.  We just love him so much.  His personality is so calm and he loves to go everywhere with us.


3 months                                     5/6 months

Out of

Ironmans Dillenger


Ironmans Princess

I finally got some great new pictures of Monster.  He is such  a wonderful dog and get along so well with all of my other dogs.  Most people are afraid  of him but he is really a big baby and just love attention and lots of back rubs. Thanks again for Monster.  We really do love him.


Monster @ 8/9 months

Monster @ 8/9 months

From Mike and Shawna Williams

     Glacier has been a real ambassador for the breed.  People who didn't like pits love Glacier.   He is already 81 lbs at only 9 mths old.  The next dog we buy will definitely be from Ironman pits.  Their service and their knowledge that they gave me was greatly appreciated.  One day I would love to come to California and meet them because they have made me feel like part of their family.  Keep producing great xxl bullies with such great temperaments.            

Thank  you so much for Glacier.

Mike and Shawna Williams


                                     Ot of                                                      Glacier @ 9 months    

            Ironmanpits Dillenger

               Ironmanpits Gracie

                      Glacier @ 4 months           


We would like to take the time to thank Travis & Diane Cross of IronManPits for helping to create one of the best dogs we have ever owned. Aries has the best temperament, tons of drive, huge bone, and a great head piece. Although we have not had the pleasure of dealing with the Cross’s directly or meeting them in person , we look forward to doing both in the  future. From the telephone conversations, emails we’ve exchanged, and browsing their website . We believe that Travis and Diane Cross are true ambassadors of the APBT breed.  



Aries 6 1/2 months old

Out of

Ironmanpits Dillenger


Thebullyhouse Katana

From: SteveO @ DBpits

  Diane & Travis,   

     When I got the chance to pick any puppy out there, distance and money no object, I knew I wanted a male out of Dillen. We have been so happy with Crease Amaru, he has brought much joy to our family and to everyone here at the paint shop. He is strong, confident, and extremely patient with everyone, especially kids. He is unbelievably patient with other dogs too. Many people don't seem to understand how dogs socialize, but I never have to worry about Crease, great temperment...    He also knows when it is time to work, and he goes forever!  The springpole we got from you guys has gotten a ton of use and has been hammered on for hours. I just wanted you to know that you should be so proud of Dillen for the DNA that he passes on. We have been told many times, even by our trainers, that Crease should be a poster child for the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. Thank you for everything that you have helped us with in getting our kennel up and rolling!   SteveO


Crease @ 6 months                       14 months                                     10 months

out of

Ironmanpits Dillenger


Portia owned by Jacob

From: Tim & Lisa Miller

     We really enjoyed the whole process of buying a dog from Iron Man Pits. They kept us updated and posted new puppy pictures every week. They returned e mails and phone calls very quickly even when they had three litters of pups on the ground at the same time. They worked with us on shipping the pup at a time that was convenient for us. Iron Man Pits is a very reliable and honest kennel who stand by their word. We enjoyed doing business with them so much that we now own two beautiful pitbulls from their kennel, Cheyenne and Mystik. Thank You, Travis and Diane

from Tim & Lisa Miller Wichita, KS



                          Cheyenne                    Mystik and Cheyenne                    Cheyenne    

                             Out of                                                                                         4 months

              Ironmanpits Dillenger

                 Ironmanpits Gracie


Out of

Blueline's Jalisco

Ironmanpits Gracie


From: Fred, Romy and Family,

Hey Travis and Diane....We just wanted to say thank you again soooo much for "Diesel" ...We love him so much..and he gets a lot of attention with all the girls in the family....He is the baddest pit I have ever had and ever wanted...he just had his 1st birthday on thursday, and we spoiled him to death.....He has so much of his dad and mom in him, and is such a loving pit...I am starting to exercise him a lot more, whipping him into shape....and just turned the girls old club house into his new dog house....i will be looking for a bad ass female for him soon so he has a companion....We are so happy we ended up with him out of the 4 pics....thanks again and hope you enjoy the pictures...:) :) :) 


  7 weeks                                 4 months                                         1 year


Out of

Ironmanpits Princess

Ironmanpits Dillenger

Happy Birthday Diesel!!!!!