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Extra Large choker Chains

looking for an extra large choker chain for your pit bull or dog, well here it is.

Made by Travis at ironmnapits, get yours today.  

These look great on your xxl pitbulls, or large breed dogs.









Standard 24in Choker..

Fits most adult Males. 

Dillengers head size

is 23 1/2

If you need a smaller or larger size, just let us know.


$30.00 + 9.00 shipping

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e-mail us and we will post it up..Thank you.

Happy Customers.

From Peter:

   I got a real nice springpole from Ironmanpits 

My boy loves the spring and the large choke chain

helps me out a great deal when we go for walks.  

I believe this springpole is top notch   

I'll post pics of him wearing his choke chain and

working the springpole as soon as get a chance.

Thanx once again for the stuff

From Chris:

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for the great service.

I really like the choke collar it fits my dog perfect. 

Thank you 

From Sai:

A big thanks to Travis and Ironmanpits crew.

    hey just wanted to stop by n give u a big hollar.....n thank you....

i just got ur spring pole n choke chain that i ordered......

look great.....n i love it.....the spring pole is awsome.....

n my pits love it more than i
do.....LOL.....very good  product.....

keep up the good work....n also .....u
got great n nice lookin bullies there in ur yard.......

i just may order more
product from u....for friends....cuz they saw it n love it too......

thanx......keep it up....Sai


Just got my xl choker in the mail yesterday, and it’s great.

When ordering things online, you can never be 100%

sure of what you’re getting.In this case,

I was pleasantly surprised.  That is one diesel collar!

Thanks a lot , keep up the great work.

Sincerely,Justin Jorgenson 

hey Travis

thank you  for sending me that 24 inch chain

it looks good on him hears a pic of him  with it

thanks for the rope to he needed it too

hope to do business soon with getting pup from you

thanks  again --

James  Wirth  happy customer   

Hey Trav its Pete from aust 

i recieved the spring pole and chooker chain

there sweet thanks for the good service cheers  

Thanks Travis and Diane

Hey guy's,   

Thank's for the fast service and awesome product's,

the springpole and choker are great,

can't wait to get the springpole up, I know my boy will love it,

he's only just shy of 7 month's and already weigh's 74lbs.

Thank's again and I know I'll be doing business with you guy's again!!

Have a great weekend!      

Regard's    James Davis













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